Surprise Engagement [Washington, DC]

When one of your best friends is planning to propose to your other best friend and asks you to photograph it, you can’t say no! I was so thrilled to be a part of the engagement celebration for two of my dearest pals a couple weeks ago. The proposal took place at the Lincoln Memorial on a beautiful summer day. Unbeknownst to the soon-to-be bride-to-be, a few of our friends and fellow photographers were camped out behind the pillars, waiting to take some sneaky snapshots of the big event. While the proposal plans didn’t go quite as expected – we were spotted! – the photos turned out even better because I got to take some great close-up shots of the newly engaged couple. Here are a few photos from the day – in love with the pure happiness radiating from these two. Congrats Abbey and Henderson!


Shaw [Washington, DC]

Things I am thankful for today: friends who volunteer as guinea pigs-I mean models for my photo shoots. When you’re just starting out as a photographer and trying to develop your portfolio, it can be hard to find subjects willing to let you take their picture! Luckily, I have some awesome pals who will gladly channel their inner America’s Next Top Model in front of my camera. This weekend I had the pleasure to shoot my beautiful friend Abbey, who modeled her fresh new ‘do and array of cozy cardigans around the Shaw neighborhood of D.C.

Toki Series [Farragut Square]

IT’S HOT. Is anyone else sick of 100 degree, 100% humidity days? In D.C., it seems like lately all anyone can talk about is 1) how hot it is and 2) how to cool off. I’ve found myself this summer looking more and more for indoor activities instead of sweating it out outside. Luckily, D.C. has a fantastic art scene that allows for ample opportunities to check out creative pieces and revel in some lifesaving A/C at the same time.

This past Saturday, I had the chance to check out SYNTH SERIES 005: REVERB in downtown D.C. The installation was a part of SYNTH SERIES: THE INTERSECTION OF MUSIC, SPACE, & ARCHITECTURE, created by TOKI -a group of two recent architecture graduates who transform public spaces with their colorful, three dimensional expressions of music. A bit of personal backstory about this exhibit: last summer, I set out to visit SYNTH SERIES 002, which was set up in a vacant warehouse, only to find that someone had unexpectedly cut it down! So I was so thrilled to hear that TOKI was doing another installation this summer.

It’s really something you’ve got to check out in person to get the full sensory experience of the work, but I tried to capture a bit on camera.