Mabel [East Tennessee]

A lapse in blogging really makes you take stock of all that’s happened since your last post. For me, I’ve crammed several big life events into the span of just a few months. Here is the short version:

  • Moved from Washington, D.C., to Johnson City, Tennessee, to be with my love
  • Got engaged!
  • Started a new job at an awesome marketing agency
  • Adopted a dog

All this “adulting” left little time for photography, but it’s time to jump back in with my favorite kind of photos: dog photos. Our new dog, Mabel, is a loving, energetic and goofy new addition to the family. We spotted this cute pie Border Collie on our local humane society’s Facebook page and had to take her home. She loves exploring the outdoors, which makes her a great hiking buddy for all the trails nearby here in East Tennessee. Here are some recent photos of her enjoying some beautiful summer weather at Carvers Gap and Willow Springs Park.


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