Rocky Mountain High [Denver, CO]

Part two of my adventures trekking around Colorado’s gorgeous landscape took my mom and me to some great heights – 14,115 feet to be exact – to Pike’s Peak.

My mom was the real MVP of this trip for handling the driving like a pro and staying calm while I was freaking out and imagining us careening over the edge of a cliff at every hairpin turn.

Thankfully, we did manage to make it to the pinnacle, and the views at the top were well worth the anxiety. It almost felt like being on another planet, both because of the moon-like topography on the summit and sweeping views of what seemed like the entire Earth down below.

The temperature drop at the top was also no joke. It was so cold, in fact, that my mom’s phone died within minutes of being out of the car. Worried about my camera functionality, I ran around the summit to take some shots as quickly as possible before we hopped back in the car and hightailed it back down the mountain (and by “hightailed,” I mean we drove really, really, slowly because tons of guard rails hadn’t magically popped up in the time we were at the top).


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