Field Day [Meridian Hill Park]

Goodbyes are hard. But they hurt a little less when you have a festive celebration to send someone off into a new chapter of their lives. My friend group in DC has started to undergo some changes in the past year as people move away from the city for new opportunities. While it is sad to see such great pals leave, it’s also fun to reminisce on all the fond memories we’ve had in the District over the years and give them a super awesome send-off. And hey, you can move away, but you can never really leave the group chat, right?!

For our latest bon voyage, we threw our friend Amanda a field day-style bash at Meridian Hill Park. The party included a picnic and playground games of our youth – we’re talking egg toss, egg-in-spoon race, three-legged race, frozen t-shirt game. You’ve never seen so many twenty-somethings competitively trying not to crack an egg on the ground while racing toward a crepe paper finish line at the same time. Between the fun activities, Capri Sun-drinking and jello-eating,  we wished our friend well as she heads off for life in the Big Apple.


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